Thursday, November 10, 2011

Making his mark

Last week we had the honor of attending an art show opening that is displaying some really great work done by individuals with developmental delays and disabilities.  The Artshare for Heartshare event is now in its third year and is done to help raise much needed funds for the city-wide program that serves people of all ages with many different disabilities.  This was such a big night for our family because Diego had a drawing featured at the event!
As Diego's second and final year of preschool (2010-2011) was winding down, all of the children in his school were creating different art projects that the teachers and therapists were to vote on to determine which project would represent the school at the event.  We were so happy to find out that his drawing won and would be featured at an art studio in New York City!  After months of waiting, we finally got to go and meet some of the other artists and their families as well as see some amazing drawings, paintings and handmade jewelry.  Since we had not yet seen what he drew that day in school, we scanned the gallery looking for his name and we were amazed at what we saw:  

I remember when he wouldn’t even hold a writing utensil.  Now a picture he drew (“Sleepy Hollow” is the title) is up on display at an art gallery.  To see that picture hanging there is a testimony to his ability, talent and resiliency.  As proud and happy as we felt to be there, I was blown away by some comments that one of his former therapists made to us as we were discussing Diego’s time at the school.  She told us how everyone at his old school really misses him and they often speak about him, his sense of humor and how he is someone who really left his mark.  We could not agree more.