Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Weekend trip

For Memorial Day Weekend we took a road trip to see my parents in Ohio. Strangely enough, in the time leading up to our departure we were a little more worried about how the baby would handle the car ride than Diego. Our concerns were whether or not he was car-sick because he has thrown up in the car before on shorter trips around town. Our fears were realized when he threw up a few times on the drive over and we could tell he just didn't feel well while he was awake. I decided if we left early enough (4:00 AM), the kids would sleep a few hours and then we could stop for breakfast before heading out on the road again. Well, Diego decided he would not sleep since the portable DVD monitor was right in front of him and the baby slept for about two hours before waking up and starting to complain about riding in the car. We assumed if he drank his milk in the restaurant and then had time to settle his stomach he would be fine watching a movie like his big brother Diego. About an hour after we started driving again I had to pull over into a rest area to help my wife clean up the vomit in the backseat. After about 11 hours of traveling, 4 stops, and 2 big tantrums from Diego we arrived at my parents house and everyone was definitely ready to get out of the car !
My mom had bought a kiddie pool for my boys and Diego immediately set about helping me get the pool ready by spraying the garden hose everywhere. He loves playing with water, and especially the hose. Once that was ready he got right in and played for a long time. It was just what he needed to relax him from the long trip. Adrian also walked around the outside and got splashed by Diego. He would get to swim the following day with his big brother. During the trip we took the boys to the zoo and also an animal safari where the animals walk up to the car and you can feed them with supplies handed out by the safari employees. Diego loved the animals and did not seem to be afraid since we were inside the car. He had fun visiting his grandparents and so did Adrian, who also got to meet his aunt and uncle from California for the first time. My sister lives out there and had yet to meet our new baby, so we decided to make the trip over to Ohio because she would be in town for a wedding that weekend. Her and her husband had a great time with the kids and Diego got to take a big road trip as well. We feel trips like this will help Diego experience new things and help him to socialize...

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