Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another doctor visit-we're staying positive

Diego woke up Tuesday 5/04 and he was not feeling well. With a slight fever and 'stomach issues'we were concerned because he has been battling health problems on and off for the last 4-5 months. Since he was unable to hold food down all day we went last night to his pediatrician. These visits are always stressful since he does not like to be examined and cries when the doctor or nurses enter the room. We had to restrain him to have his ears and throat examined and were given an antibiotic for a throat infection. My wife and I are on edge because of Diego's recent health issues. We've gone twice so far this year to have tubes put in his ears. The first set did not help as he quickly got another double-ear infection that caused fluid to leak out of his ears. After 4-5 trips to the ENT we decided (along with the specialist, who thankfully displayed enormous patience as he was forced to drain fluid from a patient who thrashed in Dad's arms) to replace the tubes in order for the problem to subside. So its easy to see why, less than a month later, we are worried to find Diego has a fever. His fevers get really high with the ear infections and my wife took him to the emergency room earlier this year when the fever would not go below 104...
Fevers are scary, but I'm thinking this time he'll be ok soon enough.

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