Monday, May 3, 2010

We go to the park and Diego runs

This past weekend we had such nice weather and I was able to spend most of my time outside. Sunday we went with both kids to the park and decided to drive out to a pretty large place to let Diego have more room to play and explore. He certainly took advantage. I had to chase him around the park until finally managing to 're-direct' him over to the playground where his mom and little brother were trying out the swings. Adrian (who will turn a year old this week) was in a swing but did not seem to pleased with all the movement. We did manage to get a few good pictures of him and Diego playing. Diego tends to get over-stimulated when he goes to the park and can't seem prevent getting lost in the moment. He runs around the whole place in a dizzying display of energy and yesterday was no exception. Part of this was our fault for going to such a big park with so many kids but we try to expose him to all the same activities in an effort to boost his social and play skills. The problem is usually the swings, and even though he likes them and I push him for awhile he eventually almost gets himself injured by other kids. This is what happened again yesterday. While running around the park he ran behind the kids swinging and made a quick turn to his right and another father had to catch his son before he flew back and knocked Diego down. The look I got from the other guy was not very nice but I didn't have time to explain as Diego got down (I grabbed Diego as well to protect him) and ran off in the other direction. I felt bad because I don't want to be seen as a bad parent with an out of control little boy but I know people sometimes look at me or my wife that way. It can sometimes take the fun out of the event when you feel helpless to control your son. He also decided to chase a remote control car around the playground while some other kid stood there and drove it around. The other boy eventually left and I had to stop Diego from chasing him and the little car out of the playground and around the park.
For all of his outbursts, Diego still had fun and even though things like this are stressful I like to think he learns with each social interaction. The trip ended with a scoop of ice cream for Diego to help cool him down and a relaxing ride home for Mom and Dad.

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