Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hope for Autism

Recently, I began posting updates through Twitter with the hashtag #HopeForAutism.  I decided I would use this in order to post some hopes and dreams I had about the future of all those affected by autism.  Just as with any major shift in ideology, there are those that will impede progress, and there are also quite a few people that will help bring about positive change.  I want to be a part of the latter, spreading a message that inspires others to learn and understand more about this puzzling disorder.

I feel that creating more awareness has to be coupled with more knowledge as well.  Just because someone knows I have a child with autism does not mean they truly understand all that much of what we go through.  Even if I suggest they read a book on the subject how can they really know what it feels like to watch their son or daughter struggle to speak or fight through the sensory issues?  Well, one way to start is to cite specific goals for both my son and the autism community as a whole so that other people can begin to catch a glimpse into our lives.  By talking about my hope for autism I want to help people put aside their fears of the disorder and begin to embrace this segment of the population that has so much to offer.

Will you join me and spread some #HopeForAutism? 

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