Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I believe we can handle it

"But can we handle it
could we dismantle it
or should we fear the void
and just be para-paranoid?
if it's understood
it could be used for good, and would
if you will believe in
all we can conceive"

The lines above are exceptional lyrics from 311off of their Soundsystem album. As I heard the words the other day it dawned on me how much they can apply to spreading autism awareness and helping people understand more about the disorder. (This is from the song “Evolution” and yes, I listen to music that many would consider old at this point but I don’t care)

First the "But can we handle it?" lyric could be the question a parent asks themselves over and over as they navigate the autism journey. There will be days when you just want a break, to shut things out for a few hours but that is not our reality. The challenges are everywhere but so are the fun and the silly times and with each accomplishment you and your child will feel pure joy. As an advocate, are we able to maintain our stance in the face of adversity? When opposing opinions are presented and our views threatened, can we persevere and handle ourselves accordingly?

What about the line, "Could we dismantle it?" One of my goals is to help dismantle negative stereotypes associated with autism so people can see past the perceived differences and recognize they are interacting with another human being. Maybe they have a speech delay or lack of social skills but if you just give the person a chance, they may just amaze you with all they have to offer. I know I would also like to break down the walls that currently surround my son's voice, finally allowing him to share with us his thoughts, the things that make him happy, sad and afraid. I know that it will happen but I get anxious waiting…

Next up is the lyric, “should we fear the void and just be paranoid?” If we allow ourselves to cave under the pressure, who will stand up for our children? Can anyone else really know your son or daughter as well as you do? There will be difficult times but we should do what we can to conquer our fear of the unknown.

Read this line again:
If it’s understood it could be used for good, and would if you will believe in all we can conceive

Amazing. Think about this for a minute. I bet many of you know someone with autism. Maybe your son or daughter has been diagnosed. Or a grandchild, sibling, niece or nephew. It could even be a friend or neighbor.  I implore everyone to take the time to learn about autism and to help educate others.  Together the autism community and its advocates can make a difference. As more people are recruited to joint the fight to help bring about significant change, then all those affected by autism can begin to access the services needed to set them on the path to success. The first step will be to believe in all that can be accomplished…

At the end the song they answer the questions:
"Yes we can handle it
we could dismantle it
we should not fear the void
and just be para-paranoid
if it's understood
it could be used for good, and would
if you will believe in
all we can conceive"

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  1. Great post! Amazing how songs and lyrics can make difficult things suddenly make sense to us. I'm so glad you got to experience this. Yes, I think we'll get through this.